MehryIn 1945, Mehry, was born in Yazd, a city in center of Iran. Her family moved to Tehran when she was nine. Her passion of painting and playing with colors grew in the early years of her youth. She learnt her alphabets while playing with colors. Even at school she showed more enthusiasm in lessons that included drawing and colors; for instance she was  the only person who drew the maps on the blackboard in  geography class . When she was fifteen, her Professor Petgar taught her the essentials of painting. Later she continued with Professor Mir Emadi who gave her professional hints for drawing. She considers these two professors as fundamental pillars in her artist career for what they taught her.

Mehry has stated teaching oil painting in her private gallery from 25 years ago, It makes her happy when she meets her old students in the family parties as they were learning painting with her before and now they become professional people in all around the world, some off them are still keep in touch with her and she hopes the best of luck for all of them.

Apart of her daily life and painting she started a voluntary job with Raad Charity in 1994 with a group of volunteer ladies, which is authorized NGO. She became the head of that group , still they are providing essential help such as organizing cultural events, setting up charity bazaars  support to needy  students. Ladies charitable group are helping  the charity in terms of education and financial, for instance for the first time Mehry runs  a drawing course for disables . Raad charity provide technical training, rehabilitation services and employment guidance  for disable people. Raad Rehabilitation Goodwill Complex (RRGC), is a private social service organization which  Provide  free rehabilitation services and vocational training courses such as tailoring, computer science, drawing, music, accounting, cookery, wood working, rug weaving  and etc for  disabled persons . Raad's mission is to help physically disabled persons to overcome their physical limitations and achieve financial independence by applying for gainful employment or become self-employed using their vocational skills. Raad has decided to spread out geographically into other cities in Iran and till now they could manage to open branches in : Kerman, Yazd, Karaj, South West of Tehran, Zanjan, Kerman and Pishwa.



She attended primary school in Yazd then moved to Tehran and studied in Homayon Tajrish Primary School and Mehr Tajrish High School and finally she has got her Diploma from Anoshiravan Dadgar School in 1964

University degrees

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